Creative Meetup is a Belgian event gathering visual artists, videographers, designers, musicians, architects, programmers and researchers using creative coding tools.
Creative Meetup considers itself an inclusive, purpose-based initiative dedicated to the exploration of tools and methodologies across a heterogeneous set of practitioners.
By proposing an evening format in which short public presentations and informal encounters happen in a friendly atmosphere, Creative Meetup aims at opening up a safe space for exchange.

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session 01

The session 01 will take place in Namur at trakk, March 16 2023 from 19:00.
We will discover the practice of two walloon creative studio:

# Hovertone, a team of designers of immersive and interactive experiences. Founded by two academic researchers from UMONS, they have developed an expertise in blending physical and digital to create strong interactive experiences in the public space: museum, institutions, retail, events, etc.
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# Superbe, a studio developing art installation as well as commissioned work. By mixing a wide variety of medium, such as lighting, video game, electronics, sound and motion sensors, they achieve subtle and poetic installations.
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After the presentations, we invite you to stay, have a drink and meet new people.

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address: 16 Avenue Reine Astrid 5000 Namur, Belgium


session 00

The first session took place at iMAL, December 8th 2022 from 19:00.
We have discovered the processes and tools of:

# Mathieu Zurstrassen, a visual artist active since 2013 focused on experimental constuction:;

# Martin Pirson, a creative developer trained in erg and working in collaboration with several artists: profile on linkedin.

# Isjtar, a artist and technical director at CREW, an arts organisation that has been pioneering immersive performance since the 2000's. He is fluent in all aspects of realtime technologies, be it 3D, audio or code. He prefers to work procedurally as much as possible, because that is what computers are supposed to do. As technical director of CREW he supervises R&D collaborations with academic and industrial partners at the EU level. He is currently developing novel forms of VR performance. /


Creative Meetup is an initiative of Colas Fiszman & François Zajéga.
Colas is a skilled visual artist and entrepreneur who has worked with companies all over the world.
François is an offroad developer and visual artist interested in libre software and gender neutrality.
You can follow the presentation live or playback previous ones on our youtube channel. We will record and stream the presentations, unless the presenters have asked us not to.


Any tool, framework or programming language is welcome at the meetup. This list is far from exhaustive, we have certainly overlooked many tools and toolkits. Feel free to share yours and we will add them below!

Code of conduct

We as members and leaders pledge to make participation in our events and online community a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of age, body size, visible or invisible disability, ethnicity, sex characteristics, gender identity and expression, level of experience, education, socio-economic status, nationality, personal appearance, race, caste, color, religion, or sexual identity and orientation. We pledge to act and interact in ways that contribute to an open, welcoming, diverse, inclusive, and healthy community.
For details about standards and enforcement, please refer to our complete code of conduct.
It will be applied during the event. Please make sure you've had a look at it before attending the event.